Gina M. Fuhrmann, PE

Mrs. Fuhrmann has over 25 years of Professional Engineering experience.  She is experienced in planning and designing Phase I and Phase II contract plans and documents.  She is experienced in managing both public and private large scale projects, coordinating, planning and designing Phase I and Phase II contract plans and is highly trained in Transportation Design.  Mrs. Fuhrmann has served as Project Manager of large scale projects including major utility coordination, preparation of contract documents, cost estimating, special provisions, multi-agency coordination with IDOT, EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, local municipalities, utility companies, etc.

Michael D. Curtis, PLS

Mr. Curtis has over 30 years of Land and Route Surveying experience.  He is experienced in establishing and preparing Plat of Surveys, Permanent and Temporary easements, Topographic and Boundary Surveys, Horizontal and Vertical control on numerous projects for state, municipal, and private clients.  He is also experienced in Construction Layout of residential, commercial and industrial facilities, and FEMA Certificates.   Mr. Curtis has experience in courthouse research and expert witness testimonies.

Pete Dombrowski, PE, SE

Mr. Dombrowski has 20 years of experience in the field of Structural Engineering.  Recent projects include work at both O’Hare and Midway Airports, bridge modifications to the Lake and Randolph Street viaducts, bridge rehabilitations for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.  Mr. Dombrowski has completed the in-depth NHI two-week course for Safety Inspections of In-Service Bridges.  His extensive experience with post tensioning systems, field safety training, and construction inspection has aided with his ability to provide cost effective and constructible designs.  His building experience includes all sizes of structures utilizing a range of various materials.  Project responsibility has included proposal writing, contract negotiation, project management, shop drawing reviews, design and drafting, field inspections, construction/contractor field support, and Design-Built projects.  Areas of exceptional expertise are with construction engineering and creative solutions to constructability.

John M. Prince, PE

A thirty five year veteran for the University of Illinois Facilities and Services division, Mr. Prince has over 30 years of Professional Engineering experience, with an emphasis on Higher Education Infrastructures.  He is also several years experienced in residential and commercial design with an emphasis in sustainability and LEED accreditation.  He has peer reviewed, coordinated, planned and designed contract plans and documents for agencies including the University of Illinois and the Illinois Capital Development Board.  Mr. Prince has also served as Project Manager, both commercially and internally within the University.  As Project Designer, he has completed detailed plans and projects, contract documents, energy and load computations, cost estimates and time estimates.  As Project Manager he has completed project reports, environmental coordination, and construction administration.

Peter Wagner, PE, PLS

Mr. Wagner has over 20 years of Professional Engineering experience.  He is experienced in planning and designing Phase I and Phase II contract plans and documents. Mr. Wagner has served as Project Manager and Project Engineer on numerous projects for state, municipal, and private clients.  He has also held the IDOT positions of Bureau Chief of Land Acquisition and Local Policy Developmental Engineer. As a Project Manager and Project Engineer, he has a solid background in planning and managing projects simultaneously under demanding deadlines. He has completed detailed plans for Phase I and Phase II roadway plans, contract documents, cost estimates, budgets, drainage design including water main design, sanitary sewer design and storm sewer design, topographic surveys, ALTA surveys, project reports, environmental coordination, including over 100 IDOT entrance permits, and construction inspections.


Robert A. Lee, PE, SE

Mr. Lee is a principal structural engineer with experience in planning, design and management of civil engineering projects, primarily in transportation and structural applications for bridges, roads and highways. Mr. Lee has varied structural design and construction inspection experience encompassing project planning and management; field inspection and analysis report preparation; organizing contract plans for bridge rehabilitation; and construction supervision on large and small projects for local, state and federal agencies.


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