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Jamie Shaw Setting Road Tube Traffic Counters
Jamie Shaw Setting Road Tube Traffic Counters

Fuhrmann Engineering Inc. (FEINC) is providing Field Collection of Traffic Data, working predominately with two consultants, DLZ and Terra Engineering for various routes and various counties throughout Districts three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine. Traffic counts are performed with the use of Diamond TT4s Road Tubes, NC 300 HiStars, and Miovision Scout Units.

Fuhrmann is currently providing services for the following:

• The 24-hour volume/classification counts are being collected with passive magnetic sensors (lane counters). For the state marked route counts, the HiStar NC-300 passive magnetic sensor is being use for most locations. For unmarked routes with previous AADT less than 500, road tubes are being used to collect volume traffic data. For unmarked routes with previous AADT higher than 500, HiStars are being used to collect volume traffic data.
• The 24-hour intersection turning movement counts with vehicle classification data is being collected using a Miovision video collection unit that can accurately extract lane specific volume/classification traffic counts on high volume Interstate routes.
• Access to the web-hosting site, containing the video used to extract the turning movement and traffic data, will be provided to IDOT for download during the period of contract.

The data, along with GPS data points, are collected in the field. Then the data is reviewed and compiled into a database for submittal to IDOT.  At the end of each collection year, Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) data collected is posted to IDOT’s website “Getting Around Illinois”. You will need to zoom in to see AADT.


The Traffic Tally 4 road tube is a watertight single road tube that provides reliable, simple traffic count data.  The counters are typically placed in lower volume areas to determine grand total traffic counts.  It is portable, compact, and easy to operate.

histarHi-Star is the Highway Statistical Traffic Analysis Recorder and is an excellent tool for gathering  vehicle data.  It is portable and self-contained, allowing it to count vehicles, classify lengths, determine speed, and record roadway conditions.  The unit then exports its data to software that generates charts, reports, histograms, and graphs of the data.
Miovision processes traffic data from video.  It can provide intersection counts, roundabout counts, road volume data, vehicle gap data, pedestrian and bicycle pathway counts, vehicle classifications, right-turn on red data, and crosswalk data. This data is typically used for intersection design studies.

Fuhrmann Engineering crews are highly trained in placing traffic count equipment safely and effectively, and can assist you with all of your traffic count needs.

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