Fuhrmann Engineering Announces Springfield Office Remodel

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Earlier this year Fuhrmann Engineering went under an extensive remodel which included not only a major renovation, but a new addition as well.   This past September we moved back into our freshly remodeled office space.

Gina Fuhrmann, President of Fuhrmann Engineering commissioned Interior Designer, Jeanne Lashmett of JML Interior Design (http://www.jmlid.com/) to take on this major renovation project. Together the two collaborated on a new and exciting design that would make a huge impact on the existing space. The new space is Urban Contemporary to reflect Fuhrmann Engineering’s progressive work ethic and forward thinking ability.

The new space has an energizing vibe from the moment you step in the door! With a vibrant color palette of cobalt blue, turquoise, pristine white and progressive gray, it promises to provide an energetic and lively environment buzzing with activity.

Just as the team of contractors and interior designer worked collaboratively and strove for excellence  through hard work and dedication, so too will  Fuhrmann Engineering strive to bring those characteristics to your projects as well.

If you are in the neighborhood, please feel free to stop in, we will be glad to give you a tour! The vibrant colors and intriguing decorations show off the new space as a fun, clean, inviting place to not only work but visit as well!

*** And while you’re there, make sure not to  miss the 6′ long slide rule!!!***